April 27August 21, 2022

Women rise the courtain


Paula Rego’s work, her political and social commitment, her references to literature and art history and her autobiographical connotations are the basis for a wide-ranging cultural and educational programme focusing on women.

Women Raise the Curtain is a cultural and educational project run in connection with the Paula Rego exhibition and devised from a female viewpoint. Throughout the spring, women are entrusted with putting together a narrative that debates and reflects on the role of women in classical tales, art, literature and films. The project includes meetings, talks and seminars, such as Women Rewrite Tales, Women in Leading Film Roles, The Corners of Time and Women Talk about Paula Rego.

The project likewise analyses the artist’s oeuvre on the basis of her life experience and the historical context to which it belongs, exploring in depth her dimension as a female artist. Women are also the makers of creations through dance and the actions performed by artists or anonymous women who give artistic form to their personal experiences.

Women Raise the Curtain has the special support of the Portuguese Embassy in Madrid, as well as the Festival Ellas Crean, Colectiva. Observatorio Cultural Feminista, Apertura. Centro de Fotografía y Artes Visuales; El Corte Inglés; and ERCO.


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