Dance and performance

Colectiva Actions

May 14 —— June 04, 2022

Based on the Paula Rego exhibition

Within the program Women Raising the Curtain, and in collaboration with Colectiva. Observatorio Cultural Feminista, a cycle of actions is organized in the garden of the Museo Picasso Málaga, in which a connection between women artists and academics with the work of Paula Rego will be established.


Saturday May, 14th
Drawings and Seeds. Action by María Bueno.
Introduced by María Soto Ramos.

Saturday May, 21st
Time: Past, Present and Future. Action by Yolanda Relinque.
Introduced by Belén Ruiz Garrido.

Saturday May, 28th
The Crack: Another Perspective. Action by Concha Galea.
Introduced by Isabel Garnelo.

Saturday June, 4th
The Path is Made by Walking. Action by Verónica Ruth Frías.
Introduced by Carmen Cortes.


May 14 —— June 04, 2022


Free admission


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