Women talk about Paula Rego

Wednesday, 8 June, 2022

Women Raise the Curtain is an educational and cultural programme comprising seminars, films screenings, dance, literature and talks, amongst other activities, all based on Paula Rego. In this event, journalist and writer Anabela Mota Ribeiro, author of “Paula Rego por Paula Rego,” will be looking at the Portuguese artist and her work and offering insight into her own interpretative view of Rego’s universe. This will be followed by a talk featuring Marta Postico, professor at UMA and expert on moral philosophy and issues relating to feminist, gender, and equality theory.

Anabela Mota Ribeiro is a journalist and writer. She holds a PhD in Philosophy from Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Her published works include “Os Filhos da Madrugada” (2021), “Por Saramago” (2018), “A Flor Amarela – Ímpeto e Melancolia em Machado de Assis” (2017), “Paula Rego por Paula Rego” (2016), “Este Ser e não Ser – Cinco Conversas com Maria de Sousa” (2016) and “O Sonho de um Curioso” (2003). She is a television screenwriter and presenter on RTP programmes such as “Os Filhos da Madrugada”, a marathon of almost sixty interviews with people born after 1974, screened on RTP3 in 2021, and “Curso de Cultura Geral”, on RTP2 in 2017 and 2018. In her role as a cultural programmer she has been, amongst other things, curator of the Festival Literario Folio, and joint programmer with José Eduardo Agualusa of the Porto Book Festival. She is also curator of the Somos Douro Festival, which is held in the context of the UNESCO World Heritage award given to the Alto Douro wine-growing region. A visiting researcher at Brown University from March to July 2019, she is also a member of the General Council of Universade de Coimbra.

Marta Postigo Asenjo is professor of moral and political philosophy at the Moral and Political Philosophy Department of Universidad de Málaga. Her lines of research deal with feminist theory, the discussion of collective identities in a global context, and cosmopolitanism and the EU integration process. She has participated in national and international seminars and congresses and published articles and books that include Género y ciudadanía: El discurso feminista en la ciudadanía liberal (Universidad de Málaga, Colección Atenea, 2007); Igualdad, ciudadanía y género. Las mujeres en el discurso moral y político (Ayuntamiento de Palencia, 2009).

This event is organized in collaboration with the Portuguese Embassy in Spain.


Wednesday, 8 June, 2022


Auditorio MPM

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