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II Seminar on Art and Social Integration

Oct 1 —— 3, 2012

This seminar responded to the current need being identified by cultural institutions to reformulate their strategies and actions within the role they play as mediators of knowledge, in order to adapt to the new realities thrown up by societies in constant change.

The debate on the use of culture as a vehicle for social integration in marginalised communities, and over the relationship between global strategies and concrete projects, was the pivot for these lectures; the first lecture was given in September 2011 at Museo Picasso Málaga. On that occasion, practical cases were presented in which, after analysis and comparison, the shared use of basic pillars could be observed, even if they differ in their contents, location or participants. This second edition was aimed to establish methodologies for sharing and application in this type of activity.

In collaboration with Fundación PROA (Argentina) and Fundación Cisneros (Venezuela).

Programme Picasso 20 Glances. Málaga, 20 years under the sight of Picasso


Oct 1 —— 3, 2012


Free admission


Fundación PROA, Buenos Aires
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