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Living with the other me. The challenges of digital networks. XI Seminar of Art and Social Participation

December 16, 2021

11th Seminar on Art and Social Participation

In this edition, MPM once again takes a look at digital culture’s new forms of participation, on social networks in particular. Our online identity is an extension of our physical one. In this seminar, questions are asked such as how can we create a responsible online identity? What dangers do we face from the networks themselves? How do we submit our personal details and how are they used? Are we creating online identities that are different from our physical ones? How can this affect us? Where are we heading?

For all this, we will be joined by Gemma Galdón Clavel and Ana Estévez Gutiérrez. Gemma Galdón is a sociologist and researcher at the sociology department of Universidad de Barcelona, and a public policy analyst specializing in surveillance, the social, legal, and ethical impact of technology, intelligent cities, privacy, security policy, resilience, and police action. Ana Estévez is a teacher of psychology at Universidad de Deusto. Her educational work focuses on Psychology degrees and MA courses in mental health and psychotherapy, the psychology of social intervention, drug dependency and other addictions

Museo Picasso Málaga is organizing the Seminar on Art and Social Participation for the eleventh consecutive year. Aimed at professionals working in the cultural and social areas, throughout its consolidated existence the seminar has examined subjects such as accessibility, functional diversity, mental health, gender, migration, science, majority participation and Alzheimer’s disease.

Aimed at professionals from the educational sector, social educators, social workers, and those working professionally in museums and cultural organizations, students and those who use related associations, this free seminar has a reduced capacity of thirty places. Registration available here:


December 16, 2021


Free admission


5:00 pm


2 hours 30 minutes




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