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Pablo Picasso Picasso and Manuel Pallarés looking at the Eiffel Tower, Barcelona or Paris, 1900. Museu Picasso, Barcelona

So far, so near

Interview with Eugenio Carmona

Picasso travelled to Paris for the first time in 1900 and took up residence there in 1904. His visits to Spain became increasingly spaced out and were interrupted permanently by the Civil War and the ensuing dictatorship. Even so, it is well known that Picasso remained closely attuned to all that went on in his native country. How did he manage that?

In this interview Eugenio Carmona discusses Picasso’s network of personal and professional relationships in Paris and the importance of the written press and magazines. Eugenio Carmona is head of Art History at the University of Málaga. The recording was made in connection with the Picasso and History, IV International Congress held at the Museo Picasso Málaga in October 2018.

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