May —— December 2022

Women tell Stories

Social participation

Oral storytelling, classic tales or made-up stories are the starting point for this participatory project that was begun in connection with the Paula Rego exhibition and is now linked to the show Dialogues with Picasso. Collection 2020−2023. It sets out to explore memories and emotions, giving shape to them through artistic experience, either in the pastel medium or intaglio printmaking.

Women tell stories is a project with social participation produced in the context of Paula Rego’s exhibition.

This project aims to look into childhood reminiscences, memory and longings in the same way that the Portuguese artist’s personal experiences and her fascination with storytelling and fairy tales are present in her work. She draws on classic tales, fables and oral narration, giving them shape through the use of drawing and pastel technique.

As inspiration for the creative work done in the studio, this activity invites the group to debate and reflect on the work of Paula Rego in the exhibition. The idea is to explore the artist’s fascination with storytelling and her extraordinary use of the pastel technique in large-scale works produced in the 1990s and 2000s.

In view of the good reception and encouraging results of this project, it is being extended to the end of December 2023 in connection with Pablo Picasso’s graphic oeuvre. Memory and made-up or real stories continue to be the starting point for a project that uses images as a means of generating processes for bringing participants closer to art, fostering positive emotions.


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