Picasso e Historia

Book of essays

A book of essays that offers clues to interpreting Picasso’s oeuvre from other places, times, and ways of thinking

Pablo Picasso lived for ninety-one years, nine decades that witnessed historical events like World Wars I and II and the Spanish Civil War. The spread of his works to places far from the usual European-American circuits, like Africa, Asia, and Latin America, coupled with the proliferation of multidisciplinary and transnational approaches, have led the scholarly community to classify him as the premier global artist, and even to coin the notion of the ‘Picasso effect’. The artist’s visual language was adopted by other creators, even after his death in 1973, to express the psychological effects of modernisation, the conflict among political ideologies, and the struggle against colonialism.

A compendium of ten essays written by international experts, the book Picasso e historia [‘Picasso and History’], co-issued by the Museo Picasso Málaga and Editorial Machado (as part of its ‘La balsa de la medusa’ collection), is the product of the international conference of the same name, held in the auditorium of the Museo Picasso Málaga from October 9 to 11, 2018.


Reescribir las historias (Rewriting histories)
José Lebrero Stals

Picasso como pintor de historia (Picasso as history painter)
Pepe Karmel

Picasso y/en la vanguardia: cubismo y profesionalización en París antes de 1915 (Picasso and/at the avant-garde: Cubism and professionalisation in Paris before 1915)
David Cottington. Profesor de Historia del Arte, Kingston University London.

Paris, 6 de febrero de 1934: ¿dibujando el fascismo?   (Paris, 6 February 1934: drawing up Fascism?
Neil Cox

Una mitología de las formas: Carl Einstein sobre Picasso (A Mythology of Forms: Carl Einstein on Picasso)
Charles W. Haxthausen

Picasso, pulsión vernacular y devenir histórico (Picasso, vernacular impulse and becoming history)
Eugenio Carmona

Signos picassianos en tránsito: el arte brasileño del siglo xx (Picasso’s Signs in Transit: 20th Century Brazilian Art)
Sonia Salzstein

Monumento Guernica (Guernica monument)
Rocío Robles Tardío

Dentro y fuera. Picasso y el franquismo (Inside and Outside. Picasso and Francoism)
María Dolores Jiménez-Blanco

Picasso y el arte italiano de la posguerra (Picasso and post-war Italian art)
Stephen Peterson

Picasso, la Guerra Fría y la descolonización en África (Picasso, the Cold War and decolonisation in Africa)
Joshua Cohen