Oct —— Dec 2023


Social participation project

Based on the concept of appropriation, this project takes a co-creative approach to the artistic process to produce a collective work that explores the mark Picasso left on Málaga and the mark Málaga left on Picasso.

Appropriation has played an important role throughout history. Lending, recycling or adopting images can be a means of building or creating new realities. This project examines this concept in depth, producing a collective work consisting of the successive creation, intervention and manipulation of images by different participants. It takes as a basis the bond that existed between Picasso and Málaga, exploring the mark each left on the other.

Pablo Picasso and Málaga-born Vicente Serra had the following conversation at La Californie in November 1957:

‘What a pity it is, Pablo, that apart from admiring you as an artist they can’t know about your human worth in your birthplace. Then again, it’s only logical that you don’t remember [Málaga] either after all these years.’

‘What do you mean I don’t remember it?’ he replied. ‘Come with me.’ And he took him up to the second floor and showed him a window in a sort of tower, saying: ‘See this window? I’ve had it put in facing south, which is where Málaga is, and when I look out, it’s as if I can see it and smell it.’

That is how Picasso, speaking from his house in the South of France, referred to his city of birth. Such recollections of the south, the Mediterranean and Málaga were constant throughout his long life and career.

Mis?appropriation is divided in two phases that are linked to the Museo Picasso Málaga’s collection and the temporary exhibition The Echo of Picasso.

In the first phase, a group of participants take on the challenge of looking for traces of Picasso in Málaga (and vice-versa). They walk around the city, taking photographs of references to the artist and his oeuvre in the form of souvenirs, buildings, nature, advertising and cuisine.

In the second phase, another group of participants manipulate the photographs taken by the previous groups, using collage and gel plate transfers.

The result is a mural composed of panels of images that have been ‘appropriated’ by more than 370 participants and relate Picasso to Málaga and Málaga to Picasso. This large-format collective work will be on display at the Museo Picasso Málaga during the months of December 2023 and January 2024.

Project carried out with the collaboration of Fundación ‘la Caixa’

Gallery of Images