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Prince / Picasso


Museo Picasso Málaga presents the world premiere of an exhibition of previously unshown work by Richard Prince, one of the most outstanding artists on the international contemporary art scene.

Richard Prince approaches the subject of Pablo Picasso in an exhibition of 116 works that include paintings, collages and photo-collages that the US artist has produced over the last two years, along with a selection of graphite, watercolours on paper and a pencil drawing from the 1970s.

The Malaga exhibition will be on until 27th May. It has been curated by Museo Picasso Málaga and organized in collaboration with the Fundación Almine y Bernard Ruiz-Picasso (FABA).

Richard Prince approaches the subject of Picasso in this exhibition by using a tactic of radical cannibalisation of the artist, causing the spectator to feel somewhat alienated and warning us to revise our perceptions and conventional views on the desire. Growing recognition of Prince&rsquo";"s work by the professional art world, while not devoid of controversy, has made him one of the most closely-watched artists on the international contemporary art scene.

From now until the 27th May, Museo Picasso Málaga will be hosting the world premiere of an exhibition that comprises 38 large-format paintings and 51 small-format collages and photo-collages created by the US artist over the last two years. Also on display are 26 graphite drawings and watercolours from the 1970s, and one pencil drawing on paper from the same period.

Throughout his career, Prince has shown a constant interest in including in his art practice - in which he has clearly studied the major milestones of modern art history while at the same time being highly innovative &ndash";" American popular cultural and media icons, the mechanisms of humour and caricature, common depictions of women and sex in American rural and working environments, film culture, and the power of photography in everyday life. Richard Prince makes speculations by setting up complex relationships and creating short-circuits between elements taken from the worlds of the image and the word.

The exhibition PRINCE / PICASSO, curated by Museo Picasso Málaga and organized in collaboration with the Fundación Almine y Bernard Ruiz-Picasso (FABA), fulfils one of the core missions of Museo Picasso Málaga: i.e., to deal with contemporary art face-on, just as Pablo Picasso confronted his own time. It continues with the theme of a series that began with Bill Viola, Figurative Works, Museo Picasso Málaga, 2010, and Kippenberger Meets Picasso, Museo Picasso Málaga, 2011.

PUBLICATIONS Publications of all kinds, from comics to collector&rsquo";“s editions, are a passion for Richard Prince that has undoubtedly influenced his artistic process. Prince is considered to be one of the most important American collectors of 50s and 80s books and ephimera. He has also published some thirty books on art, many of which are artist&rsquo”;"s books.

The artist himself cooperated in the publication of the 224-page catalogue for the PRINCE / PICASSO exhibition, which will be printed in Spanish and English and illustrated throughout. During the layout process, Richard Prince proposed a rhythm based on a series of successive images that guides the reader towards the key features that make sense of the set of works on display in Malaga.

SEMINAR ON PHOTOGRAPHY, MYTH AND APPROPRIATION To coincide with this exhibition, every Wednesday in March the MPM Auditorium will be hosting the seminar Photography, Myth and Appropriation, coordinated by Alberto Martín, an expert on the History of Photography.

This series of talks is intended as a two-way exchange between two important constituent aspects of art. The first looks at the artist as an icon and at the genesis and circulation of the artist&rsquo";“s image. The second deals with the icons employed and brought into play by the artist in their practice, in the manner of an iconic mythology or universe of reference. The aim is to devise a context encompassing these two aspects with which to reflect upon the way these &ldquo”;“private mythologies&rdquo”;" come into play in the art world. We will be provided with a context for approaching the work of Richard Prince that combines mythology, appropriation and collecting, as well as an overview of Picasso&rsquo";"s image as it was recorded and built up over the years by a series of major photographers.

The schedule of talks will provide a framework for analysing the two exhibitions currently on view at Museo Picasso Málaga: PRINCE / PICASSO, and MymyselfandI. Photographic Portraits of Picasso. Part of the Picasso 20 Glances. Málaga, 20 years under the sight of Picasso programme.

7th March Beatrix Ruf. Director, Kunsthalle Z&uuml";“rich, Switzerland Richard Prince &ndash”;" Painter

14th March Eric de Chassey. Director, Académie de France &agrave";" Rome (Villa Médicis) and lecturer on Contemporary Art History, Université Fran&ccedil";"ois-Rabelais, Tours, France. The singular artist

21st March Gerard Vilar. Professor of Aesthetics and Art Theory, Universitat Aut&ograve";"noma de Barcelona The collectionism as a countermovement to the logic of modernity

28th March Estrella de Diego. Essayist and Professor of Contemporary Art, Universidad Complutense de Madrid. The artist icon or the faces of fame

Richard Prince&rsquo";"s work and the way he deals with Picasso in his paintings, collages and photo/collages, will also be twice-monthly the main subject of Gallery Talks, the guided visits that take place on Thursdays at MPM at 6.00pm. To take part, just put your name down at the museum ticket office, as the visit is free with the price of admission.

PRINCE / PICASSO MUSEO PICASSO M&Aacute";“LAGA Dates: from 27th February to 27th May 2012 Price: 4.50&euro”;" exhibition / 9&euro";" exhibition + MPM Permanent Collection. Discounts available. Publications: Catalogue, leaflet.

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