Dance and performance

Y qué más da, todo es gracia

Friday, 20 November, 2019

Choreography by Luz Arcas, based on the “Calder-Picasso” exhibition.

Y qué más da, todo es gracia (What’s it matter? It’s all graceful) is a choreographed piece devised specially for the Calder-Picasso exhibition, in which four dancers investigate what can be physically achieved by real-life bodies that are aware of their spectacular nature. This extremely technical and expressive dance is performed on a minimalist stage, with the dancers openly seeking to meet the audience’s expectations - though they don’t always manage to do so.

The piece is directed by Luz Arcas (runner-up in the Best Dance category at the 2017 Premios Max awards, and prize-winner at the 2015 Ojo Crítico dance awards), with the artistic assistance of Abraham Gragera (2013 Ojo Crítico prize-winner for poetry).

Describing the relationship she sees between the works on display in the Calder-Picasso exhibition at Museo Picasso Málaga, Arcas, who has led La Phármaco dance company since 2009, says: "The dialogue generated between the work of Picasso and Calder makes me think of the natural tension that is created between the body and what it is able to achieve: between suspension and falling, between expectation and that which is attainable”. It is a dialogue that is performed, she tells us, “in a way that is almost always violent, as regards form, technique and the flesh”. This is the second show the Málaga-born choreographer has created specifically for the museum.

Written, choreographed, staged and directed by Luz Arcas

Artistic assistant
Abraham Gragera

Elena González-Aurioles
Begoña Quiñones
Paula Montoya
Raquel Sánchez

Produced by Museo Picasso Málaga and La Phármaco.


Friday, 20 November, 2019


10 €


8:00 pm



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