Weaving Masterclass

October 30, 2020

Part of ‘The Other Museum’ activities programme

A theoretical and practical session given by My Granny, where participants can explore the history of the fibres, fabrics, the craft of weaving and yarns in general. A chance to discover how to weave on a loom, different types of fabric, stitches and even macramé.

Price per person: 15€ (includes admission to the museum and all materials)

Maximum nº participants: 20

The Other Museum is an innovative project by Museo Picasso Málaga that involves art practice and reasoning. A space that is usually used for exhibitions has been transformed into a comfortable and safe multipurpose area for holding workshops on weaving, engraving and ceramics.

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October 30, 2020


15 €


5:00 pm


According to the program


20 peopole


Museo Picasso Málaga