Meeting Louise Bourgeois

July 6September 26, 2015

Summer workshops and workbooks for families

Who was Louise Bourgeois? Why her work is so important? What did it have in common with Picasso? The answers to these and other questions were in the activities Museo Picasso Málaga organized for children and families on the occasion of the exhibition Louise Bourgeois. I Have Been to Hell and Back.

FAMILY WORKBOOKS Available at the museum ticket desk, workbooks Meeting Louise Bourgeois allowed families to explore some of the issues raised by the artist in her work through games and activities. The workbooks are also available online here


July 6, 2015

September 26, 2015


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Museo Picasso Málaga


SUMMER WORKSHOPS Workshop 1: 6th-10th July Workshop 2: 13th-17th July Workshop 3: 20th-24th July From 10am to 2pm Children aged 4-15 years These summer workshops were focuses on the different ways Picasso and Bourgeois thought about and practiced painting and sculpture. Focussing on these two genres, we looked at a different technique each day. Like the two artists, we worked on experimentation with mixed techniques, the use of traditional and non-traditional materials, and simultaneous artistic languages.

And also …

A DAY WITH LOUISE BOURGEOIS 27th June and 26th September, 2015 Two days set aside for examining the life and work of Louise Bourgeois from different angles, with activities for different types of public, and with the help of invited experts, so as to get to know more about the artist’s work.