New Museums for New Settings? XIII Seminar on Art and Social Participation

December 14, 2023

Seminar aimed at the general public and focusing on approaches, uses and social developments of museums in the near future.

In a climate of global change, art museums face the challenge of becoming active agents, going beyond their traditional role of exhibiting and conserving artworks.

This new role entails a need to redefine their disciplinary limits so as to be able to foster development adapted to citizens’ demands.

In this connection, following 20 years of commitment to audiences, the Museo Picasso Málaga is organising the 13th Seminar on Art and Social Participation, which this year involves a debate on new social approaches that will make it possible to boost the museum’s role in the near future. For this purpose, three specialists from the fields of neuroscience, culture and philosophy have been invited to reflect on the museum’s future role as a space for well-being, encounters and thought.

The programme also features the presentation of the web project MásMuseoPicasso, developed since 2014 and recently revamped, which includes novel projects linking art and social participation.


December 14, 2023


Free. Registration on:



4.30 p.m.


4 h


Christine Ruiz-Picasso Auditorium