Families and Kids

Museum in Movement: Drawing the Invisible

Mar 23, 2024

Activities for children and families in connection with The Echo of Picasso to bring art to people of all ages.

Have you ever felt happiness, sadness, surprise or any other emotion when gazing at an artwork? How do artists manage to convey emotions through their art?

Drawing the Invisible is an activity designed to explore this fascinating world by analysing how images can transmit a broad range of emotions through colour, line, forms and textures.

This workshop offers people of all ages the chance to examine iconic works by artists such as Marina Faust, Pablo Picasso and Jeff Koons as examples of pieces that capture a variety of emotional states. Drawing inspiration from these artists’ techniques and styles, participants experiment with expressing their own emotions through collage and photography.

The activity includes a ticket to the Museum and the materials needed for the workshop.


Mar 23, 2024




11.30 a.m.


1 h 30 min


Museo Picasso Málaga

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Curated by Éric Troncy