Gerard Vilar: 'The collectionism as a countermovement to the logic of modernity'

March 21, 2012


Gerard Vilar, Professor of Aesthetics and Art Theory, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, offered the lecture The collectionism as a countermovement to the logic of modernity in the context of the Seminar Photography, Myth and Appropriation.

This Seminar was organised as a parallel activity of the exhibitions MemyselfandI and Prince/Picasso, which took place at Museo Picasso Málaga. This series of talks was intended as a two-way exchange between two important constituent aspects of art. The first looked at the artist as an icon and at the genesis and circulation of the artist’s image. The second dealed with the icons employed and brought into play by the artist in their practice, in the manner of an iconic mythology or universe of reference.

For a certificate of attendance, registration and attendance was compulsory. For the general public, entry was free, while space allowed. This activity was part of the programme entitled Picasso 20 Miradas. Málaga, 20 años bajo la mirada de Picasso (Picasso 20 Ways of Looking. Málaga, 20 years under the eye of Picasso).


March 21, 2012


Free admission


7.30 pm


According to the program



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