Social Participation

Engraved in Verse

Nov —— Dec 2022

Collective co-creation around the poems of Pablo Picasso

‘Of course, you never know what you’re going to draw… but when you start a story emerges, an idea… and that’s it. Then the story grows, as in a play, as in life… and the drawing turns into other drawings, into a real novel. It’s great fun, believe me. At least I have a lot of fun inventing things and I spend hours on end drawing, watching and thinking about the crazy things my characters do. Basically, it’s my way of writing stories.’

Pablo Picasso, 20 May 1968. In: Roberto Otero, Lejos de España: encuentros y conversaciones con Picasso; Barcelona: Dopesa, 1975, p. 172.

With these words, Picasso expresses the way in which he tells stories, creating a sort of symbiosis between drawing and written text. While the artist bases the narrative account on drawing, the aim of the ‘Engraved in verse’ project is to create a collaborative visual narrative, only in this case based on Pablo Picasso’s written work.

The Museo Picasso Málaga is once again launching a collaborative project aimed at citizens’ associations in Málaga. In this activity participants get to turn some of Picasso’s poems into images using different intaglio techniques. Free activity. Associations wishing to take part should contact


Nov —— Dec 2022


Museo Picasso Málaga