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Documentary vs. Fiction?

Wednesday, 24 March, 2021

‘The Other Museum’ activity for ‘Miquel Barceló. Metamorphosis’

Scriptwriter and director Concha Barquero considers the documentary/fiction duality in terms of two narrative modes that are supposedly distinct for historical reasons, doing so in the context of the documentary film Cuaderno de Barro (The Clay Diaries), directed by Isaki Lacuesta and featuring artist Miquel Barceló.

Concha Barquero Artés (Málaga, 1975) is a filmmaker and a teacher at the Department of Audiovisual Communication and Publicity at Universidad de Málaga (UMA) and the Documentary Film Diploma Course at Escuela de Cine de la Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid (ECAM). She has combined cultural and informative television as scriptwriter and editor of the Canal Sur programme Tesis, with producing and directing documentary films. With her creative partner Alejandro Alvarado she has written and directed the social documentaries El Reverso de la Realidad (2007) and Warmi, Algunos apuntes sobre La Paz y sus mujeres (2014), and the full-length documentary Pepe el Andaluz, for which she received 10 awards in Spain and abroad. As a researcher she has been part of UMA’s Andalusian Observatory on Gender-based Violence in the Audiovisual Media (2013-14) and has published six texts on documentary cinema. She has been a collaborator on the Festival de Málaga for Spanish language films 2013.

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The Other Museum is an innovative project by Museo Picasso Málaga, involving art practice and reasoning. A space that is usually used for exhibitions has been transformed into a comfortable and safe multipurpose area.-


Wednesday, 24 March, 2021


4:30 pm


Museo Picasso Málaga

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