Conversaciones con Gloria Crespo

April 16, 2015

The Spanish painters of the School of Paris

Activity in Spanish

Museo Picasso Málaga invited specialists from different cultural fields to offer their personal perspective on the topics covered in the exhibition Movements and Sequences.

This series of gallery talks opened with filmmaker Gloria Crespo MacLennan. Crespo has directed and produced the only documentary that exists on the artist María Blanchard, whose work is featured in the exhibition. Crespo spoke about Spanish painters of the École de Paris, name used to speak about the intellectuals and artists that went to Paris to live and work from all around the world in the early twentieth century. In this context, the Spanish artists played an important role in the art scene of the Parisian avant-garde.

Following Gloria Crespo, the art critic Juan Francisco Rueda (23rd April), the writer and hispanist Ian Gibson (30th April) and Professor Mikel Astrain (7th May) who also participated in this cycle.


April 16, 2015


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