Conference ‘María Blanchard. A Painter in Spite of Cubism’

Apr 23 and May 23, 2024

Two conferences, in both face-to-face and online format, address some of the issues examined in the exhibition María Blanchard. A Painter in Spite of Cubism

The temporary exhibition to which these conferences is connected sets out to highlight the rich symbolism, social commitment, formal complexity and innovative nature of the output of this woman painter from Santander. There is no doubt that her substantial oeuvre was undervalued in a cultural context that believed in the inferiority of female artists. As a painter committed to a particular way of living and creating until the end of her life, she pushed the boundaries of gender stereotypes.


Apr 23 and May 23, 2024


Free. Open to the public until all places filled


6.00 p.m.


2 h


Auditorio Christine Ruiz-Picasso


Face-to-face and online


6.00 p.m. Maria Blanchard. Pintora a pesar del cubismo (María Blanchard. A Painter in Spite of Cubism)
José Lebrero. Exhibition curator

6.00 p.m. María Blanchard, paradigma de pinceles sin voz(María Blanchard. A paradigm of voiceless brushes)
María José Salazar. Doctor of art history and curator

7.00 p.m. María Blanchard y el genio femenino (María Blanchard and female genius)
Xon de Ros. University of Oxford

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