Chalcography engraving workshop

Saturday, 8 May, 2021

Copperplate engraving with dry-point

Chalcography, or copperplate engraving, is the most common engraving technique used by artists. In this workshop, we will be working with dry-point, a procedure in which the engraving is carved directly onto the metal sheet, or matrix, with a sharp burin. Dürer, Rembrandt, Goya and Picasso all worked with this technique, updating it and taking advantage of its numerous possibilities. This activity lasts approximately 2.5 hours.

The Other Museum is an innovative new proposal from Museo Picasso Málaga. Its purpose is to promote thinking and artistic activities. The space, which is usually used to house exhibitions, has been transformed into a multi-purpose, safe and comfortable area.


Saturday, 8 May, 2021


30 € per person (this includes an initial unguided visit to permanent collection, and all the workshop materials)


11:00 a.m.


2 hours and 30 minutes


10 people


Workshop, Adults