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The Collection, step by step

The crucial importance of Picasso’s legacy through a selection of art works


Palacio de Buenavista

Art and history in a unique building

  • Autumn-Winter 2018
    9 Oct. 2018 - 3 Feb. 2019

    The history of Spanish art by showing works by Picasso alongside great masters such as Zurbarán, Velázquez, Goya or Juan Gris

  • Winter-Spring 2019
    26 Feb. 2019 - 2 Jun. 2019

    The exhibition will examine the relationship between Picasso and his first wife, Olga Khokhlova

  • Summer 2019
    30 Jun. 2019 - 31 Aug. 2019

    Video, sculpture, installation, neon lighting, architectural structures, photography, and drawing will encompass the wide range of techniques employed by the American multimedia artist

  • Autumn 2019-Winter 2020
    24 Sep. 2019 - 2 Feb. 2020

    The first exhibition in Spain dedicated to exploring the creative connections between these two 20th century modern masters


18 Oct. 2018. Aruán Ortiz & Don Byron

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