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On the occasion
of 'Eye Games. Collection'

Linocut Workshop

Aimed at adult audiences

Pablo Picasso produced over two thousand graphic works during his lifetime. The volume of this output and the variety of techniques he mastered makes him one of the most prolific engravers in history. He made his first print at the age of 18, and continued to make engravings right up to the year before his death.

The linocut technique was developed in the early 20th century. Matisse and Picasso, amongst others, obtained excellent prints in flat colours, using different sheets of lino.

Taking advantage of the linocuts on display in the exhibition Eye Games. Collection, MPM is offering the chance to practice and discover more about this relief engraving technique. After visiting the museum’s exhibition rooms in the company of one of our educational staff, each participant will engrave an image of their choice onto a flexible sheet of lino, using a knife and gouger. When they have finished, the sheet will be inked and put through the printing press.

Price: 15€. Includes admission to the museum, a guided visit to the exhibition Eye Games. Collection, and all materials: a sheet of lino, gougers, inks, paper and rollers.

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