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On the ocassion of 'Warhol. Mechanical Art'
Workshop for adults


12 and 13 Sep. 2018

Silkscreen printing is a method that involves printing images using a screen made of silk or fine metallic mesh. It was frequently used for producing posters, textiles and advertising, and was only very recently incorporated definitively into the world of artistic print-making. In the 1960s, the most prominent US Pop artists laid claim to the process, which adapted well to their imagery. The Warhol. Mechanical Art exhibition showcases the artist’s outstanding use of the technique throughout a large part of his career.

The workshop, in Spanish, is aimed at adults and comprises two sessions, in which work in the exhibition rooms, where they can view Warhol’s work, will be alternated with hands-on practice in the workshop. 

Dates: Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th September.
Time: 5.30pm to 8pm

Price: 50€. Includes visits to the museum and all materials.

Registration, here
Limited number of places available.

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