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Christmas Art School
for children and teens


On the ocassion of 'Calder-Picasso'

26 - 27 Dec. 2019

At Christmas time, the museum becomes a place where children can think, investigate and experiment with art.

The Art School gives kids the chance to explore the many options that sculpture has to offer, based on two great artists: Calder and Picasso. We will paint in space, using shapes and colours. We’ll investigate balance, with group games, and build 3D characters using the assemblage technique. And to top it all, we’ll make a stop-motion animation using the figures created by the participants. It’s a creative challenge for the holidays!

The workshops will be held from 10am to 2pm and are have been specially devised for children and youngsters aged 4-15.

Price: 30€, with a 15% discount for the second sibling.

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