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Summer Workshops for children

Spaces, light and words

Based on the Bruce Nauman exhibition

July 2019

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The exhibition Bruce Nauman. Spaces, bodies, words will be the starting point for our “Spaces, light and words” summer workshops. Over five days, participants will examine some of the concepts that this artist explores - such as time, space and language - through music, lights, movement and wordplay.

Illustration, painting and sculpture are just some of the techniques that the 4 to 15-year-old participants will work on over their five days in the workshop. It will be held in July, from 10am to 2pm, Monday to Friday, with four sessions to choose from:

Workshop 1: Monday 1st to Friday 5th July 
Workshop 2: Monday 8th to Friday 12th July
Workshop 3: Monday 15th to Friday 19th July

Monday: Making games
The youngsters will design their own anagrams and create brand-new games with strips of tape on the ground, and routes to move along and play balancing games.
They will work with wood, paint, paper, glue and more.

Tuesday: Hands
We will cast shadows with our hands, creating animals and a whole range of objects, then turn them into drawings using alginate, plaster and acrylic paint.

Wednesday: Time and sound
Our work will focus on different ways of measuring time, and the youngsters will create their own musical instruments using a variety of objects, working with wood, wire, and cardboard, among other things.

Thursday: Spaces
We will use fabric to define spaces that make us move in a different way. Using cardboard and glue, the youngsters will design models inspired by the spaces created by Bruce Nauman, some of which can be seen in the exhibition. 

Friday: Drawings with light
The workshop will turn into a completely dark space, with black paper on which they can use fluorescent pens to draw, and ultraviolet lights to make visible shapes.


The price of the workshop is 75 euros per child, with a 15% discount for the second sibling. It includes the visit to the museum and all the art materials used over the five sessions.



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