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New proposals for spring 2017!

School Community:

Different options
for different educational levels

In spring 2017 the Permanent Collection was restored and from the tour of the galleries updated and enriched with newly added works. In addition, the temporary exhibition Bacon, Freud and the School of London brought together an exceptional selection of paintings from the Tate Britain.

All this enabled us to explore new themes, materials, creation processes and concepts in a series of activities aimed at developing students’ observation, creativity and critical spirit, always adapting to the characteristics of the participating group:

Guided tours, workshop visits, bilingual tours and special activities for teachers made up the Museo Picasso Málaga’s programme for the school community.


The tours were designed for different academic levels. Each visit included an introduction to art through observation, participation as well as a debate focusing on selected works led by a museum educator. These tours were in Spanish and were offered gratuitously for officially recognised educational centres in Andalusia (compulsory primary and secondary education). Discounts were available for other centres and language centers. Currently, MPM offered the following tours:

- Pablo Picasso. New Collection: centred on the Picassian work exhibited in the galleries of the restored Palacio de Buenavista. On the tour and through the debate around the work of art, you will understand why Picasso became the 20th century’s great artist.

- Bacon, Freud and the School of London: topics such as the appearance and fragility of man and the city as a landscape were some of the subjects that enabled us to explore the works gathered in this exhibition. A good opportunity to reflect on the human condition and its environment.


The following activities focused on the artistic process of the artist. In the museum’s galleries, students maintained a debate about the works of art, and in the workshop they explored different materials as well as reflecting on their own artistic production. Activity offered in Spanish, English, French and German. The cost was 3€ per student in Spanish and 5€ per student in any other language and bilingual (Spanish+other language). Teachers gratuitous.

On the work of Pablo Picasso:

- Just imagine!
Second and Third Year Infant level, and First Cycle of Primary level (or equivalent).

Inside the museum’s exhibition rooms, pupils could talk about the amazing, amusing creatures that Picasso created. Then, in the workshop, they explored textures and colours and gave shape to characters that they imagined themselves.

- Look over here, look over there!
Second and Third Cycle of Primary level (or equivalent).

The different viewpoints that Picasso incorporated into his art were the starting point for these workshops. Using techniques such as assembly and collage, along with a variety of different materials, pupils made mobile sculptures that create interesting “visual games”.

- Engraving
For Secondary and Bachillerato level (or equivalent).

The engravings in the museum illustrated the innovative and avant-garde nature of Picasso’s graphic work. Getting to know these works in the guided visit and the hands-on practical workshop helped initiate pupils into the secrets of art reproduction.



For Second and Third Cycle of Primary, Secondary and Bachillerato (or equivalent).
A conversation about art inside a museum is a unique opportunity to practice the foreign language pupils are learning at school, be it English, French or German. The activity was focused on the work by Pablo Picasso. 



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