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On the occasion
of 'Picasso. German Records'

Photography Workshop

'Painting as creative motor in photography'

You have to know what they did before, what they are doing now and why they do it...
Joan Fontcuberta, photographer

When we take a photograph, what image do we want to obtain? Do we look for it or do we build it? What inspires us?

Through this workshop we looked for and found inspiration in the exhibition Picasso. German Records by outlining guidelines, analyzing and reflecting on them. Paintings, sculptures, prints, photographs, books or other documents on Picasso and Avant-garde German artists from 1905-1955 served as sources to create a collective story form particular views.

Two sessions of practical and theoretical work to enjoy photography while bringing out questions that will pave their way into progress.

Taught by MPM Education Department and Míchelo Toro, Director of Apertura School of Photography.
Hours: Friday 21st November from 5pm to 9pm and Saturday 22nd November from 10am to 2pm
Number of students: 15
Price: 30 euros

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