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Meeting Jackson Pollock

Summer workshops
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Who was Jackson Pollock? Why is his work so important? What did he have in common with Picasso? You will find the answer to these questions, as well as other, in Museo Picasso Málaga children and families activities on the occasion of the exhibition Jackson Pollock's Mural. Energy Made Visible.



Available at the museum ticket desk, the Pollock! Workbook will allow families and children to explore some issues raised by the artist’s work with games and activities.
The workbooks will be also available online here



Workshop 1: 4th-8th July 2016
Workshop 2: 11th-15th July 2016
Workshop 3: 18th-22th July 2016
From 10am to 2pm. Children aged 4-15 years. In Spanish

This workshop was focused on the exhibition Mural. Jackson Pollock. Energy made Visible. Children also worked with pieces from Picasso’s Permanent Collection. Children went on for five days exploring the multiple possibilities in painting and other artistic techniques such as sculpture or photography. The workshops were adapted to each age group.

During the first two days they experimented painting with gesture and space, discovering that, not only brushes are useful for painting but also tools that they invented and that allowed them to create amazing shapes and figures on paper and canvas. As well as looking at Pollock’s large Mural, they were able to know other large scale works from AB-EX artists such as Motherwell and Gottlieb. On the third day, the young artists explored photographic techniques after learning about them in the Mural galleries. Movement and energy could be photographed…they made light painting! They met Picasso again to have a close up learning about his printing techniques and use these in their abstract work. On the last day of the workshop children worked on collage and sculpture, getting inspired by Picasso’s and North American artist David Smith’s sculptures. After a very intense week of artistic creation children and youngsters organized an exhibition in the Plaza de la Higuera for families and friends.

Price: 75 € (15% discount on siblings)

Sponsored by CaixaBank and with collaboration of Delta Air Lines.



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