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For children and young people
from 4 to 14 years

Holiday Workshops

Semana Blanca and Easter 2015

Semana Blanca: 25th-27th February 2015
Easter: 30th March-1st April 2015
Ages: 4 -14 years
In Spanish

Temporary exhibition Movements and Sequences was the starting point for the workshops that MPM organized for these holidays in 2015. Participants experimented with art and kinetics. The Museum offered three different workshops adapted to different age groups:

-Muévete con arte (Move yourself with art)
4-6 years

After visiting the galleries and seeing the artwork on display, the younger children made silhouettes, gadgets and characters with different types of paper, tempera, glitter, beads and wire.

-Máquinas (Machines)
7-9 years

This workshop was specifically designed to stimulate artistic and scientific curiosity in children. After visiting the galleries they created kinetic sculptures and construct a zoetrope, the cylinder that produces an illusion of movement with the images seen through vertical slots.

-Movimientos y secuencias (Movements and sequences)
10-14 years

After visiting the galleries and discussing the art pieces, this workshop offered youths the opportunity to explore photography and discover printmaking in series using linocut.

-45 euros for the full workshop
-15 euros for one day
-15% discount for siblings
Fully booked


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