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Guided Tours

Make the most of your visit!

Whether you are visiting alone, with children or in an organized group, Museo Picasso Málaga offers a range of possibilities for a guided tour. Choose your option to make the most of the experience.


The following one hour-long guided tour are included in the admission fee. Register at the ticket desk from one hour before the start of each guided tour. To form a group a minimum or 5 visitors is needed, the maximum in a group is 25. The museum currently offers the following tour for individual visitors:

- Getting to know the Collection: Wednesday at 12pm, in English, and Saturday at 1pm, in Spanish.
A guided tour, highlighting selected works by Picasso, led by an MPM educator.

- Gallery Talks: Saturday at 12pm, in Spanish. 
Guided tours of the current temporary exhibition.

- From a Palace to a Museum: ask at the ticket office, in English.
A walk through two thousand years of the history of Malaga, via the architecture of the museum. From its Phoenician walls, through the Roman and Renaissance periods, right up to its modern 21st-century buildings.


Specially designed for groups of friends with kids or for large families, Bring the Children! comprises activities in which grown-ups and kids can enjoy art together. While the children visit the exhibition rooms and take part in a fun art workshop, the grown-ups can get to know the museum’s permanent collection in a participatory visit that includes access to the terraces of the Palacio de Buenavista, which are normally closed to the public and offer wonderful views over the city.

After the visit, the grown-ups can go over to the workshop area and discover the artworks the children have made, and which they can take home with them.

Places: minimum of 5, maximum of 25 per group. Children aged 4-10 years.
Price per person: 20€ in Spanish and 25€ in English. Includes all art materials used in the activity. 
Duration: approximately two hours. 
Times: Fridays at 4.30pm and Saturdays at 10.00 am. 

For further information and bookings, please contact:


Depending on the group’s features and interests, the museum can provide different visits at 4.30pm, Mondays and Thursdays, maximum of 25 people per group. 
For further information and bookings, please contact:
Visit the MPM Permanent Collection
In this participatory activity visitors will be accompanied by a member of the educational staff and examine issues such as the importance of Picasso, or his contribution to the history of art, illustrated by over eight decades of work that convey the artist’s skill and creative capacity.
Group admission to the Collection+member of educational staff: 65€ in Spanish and 80€ in English, French or German.
Visit the temporary exhibition 
A tour accompanied by a member of the museum’s educational staff, through the rooms housing the temporary exhibitions, looking at the key features of the exhibitions via a selection of the works on display.
Group admission to the Exhibition+member of educational staff: 65€ in Spanish and 80€ in English, French or German.
Visit the museum’s architecture 
Finding out more about the architecture of Museo Picasso Málaga helps us to get to know some of the history of the city of Málaga. From its origins in the 8th Century BC, with a visit to the remarkable Phoenician and Roman remains in the subsoil, then the Palacio de Buenavista, a magnificent example of 16th-century Andalusian architecture that houses the museum’s permanent collection, to the enlargement of the museum complex in the late 20th century.
Group admission to the Collection+ member of educational staff: 65€ in Spanish and 80€ in English, French or German.
Private visit of the museum in opening hours
This activity is designed and adapted according to the interests of each group. Accompanied by an art historian, and in the language and at the time required by the group, we will look at some of the key features of the exhibition discourse of the permanent collection or the temporary exhibitions. The tour includes access to the terraces of the Palacio de Buenavista, which are normally closed to the public and offer wonderful views over the city. This activity includes combined admission to the museum, a guided tour of Pablo Picasso’s work or the current temporary exhibition, an exclusive visit to the museum terraces and the archaeological remains, and a limited-edition gift.
Price per group: 400 € per group in any language
Art technique sessions for adults
Get to know some art techniques through the works on display in the museum, and with hands-on experience of the creative process. From Dürer to Rembrandt, from Goya to Picasso, many great artists have worked with engraving techniques, updating them and making use of their numerous possibilities. Linography, dry-point and etching are just some of the techniques that can be learnt in these sessions.
Price per group: From 30 € per person in English, French or German.
Visits after closing time
A unique experience. Participants are able to enjoy the museum after closing time, in the company of art historians.
To organize this very special visit, please contact the events department: 


Guided tours by MPM educators may be canceled when coinciding with special programming. Please consult the ticket office upon your arrival at the museum.


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