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Your own genealogies: Create your own diagram

On the ocassion of 'Genealogies of Art' exhibition

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Museo Picasso Málaga has designed an educational space to help visitors better understand the exhibition Genealogies of art, or the history of art as visual art. It shows how the history of art has been narrated using images and words. In Room XII, three diagrams are on display that are inspired by some of those which can be seen in the exhibition: a family tree, Alfred Barr’s diagram and a contemporary diagram.
Based on these designs and with the help of a member of the museum’s educational staff, visitors will be able to create and narrate their own personal diagram of the history of art, using reproductions of artistic images such as paintings, sculptures, photographs, comics and film stills, words related to emotions and feelings, and pictograms. They thus become participants in the exhibition by adding their own personal vision of art history.
The space is open to the public during museum opening hours.

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