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Activities Scheduled for Schools

Visits and workshops tailored to school levels

At the start of every school year, Museo Picasso Málaga lines up new projects for the current season, providing an interesting occasion for pupils to explore various techniques, disciplines and themes.

MPM’s programme for schools comprises guided tours, workshop-visits and special activities for teachers. Each of these activities is adapted to the specific characteristics of the group and, is offered as of Primary key stage 3 and upwards, they can also be conducted in English, French, German or bilingually, making the activity an opportunity for pupils to practice the foreign languages they are learning at school. 

Check out the various options and book the one best suited to your needs. 


These activities focus on the artistic production process. Pupils will discuss works of art In the exhibition rooms, then in the workshop, they will explore different materials and reflect on what they have created. Check out the various options and book the one best suited to your needs.

Monday to Thursday: 10.00am, 11.30am, 1.00pm, 3.00pm. Fridays until 1.00pm.

The workshop-visits last an hour and a half and cost 3 € per child (5 € in English, French, German and Bilingual). Teachers are free of charge.

For further information and bookings, please contact


Playing with faces
Workshop visit for Infant Second and Third Levels and Primary First Level.
There are some complex faces to be seen in the pictures hanging in the museum exhibition rooms, depicted from several angles at the same time. After looking at and talking about some of them, the pupils will go to the workshop, where they will use scissors, adhesive paper and pastels to work on the idea of the portrait.

Workshop visit for Primary Second and Third Levels.
We shall explore the idea of volume, perspective and 3D. Working with different types of paper, we will explore these ideas by making folded paper sculptures of different-shaped figures. The artworks we shall look at range from the Cubist drawings, to Picasso’s late sculptures in cut metal.
Workshop visit Secondary and Bachillerato Levels.
In this workshop, pupils will be making cyanotypes. 
Working on Cubist images, they will focus on ideas such as superimposed planes, perspectives, etc. Using translucid images on acetate and opaque images on paper, they will create compositions that, when placed on photosensitive paper and exposed to sunlight, will be reproduced almost like photographs.



The tour is given in Spanish and is free for schools in the official Andalusian compulsory educational system. Discounts are available for all other schools. Monday to Friday at 10.00am 11.00am, 12.00am and 1.00pm. Tours last one hour and are adapted to different school levels.

For further information and bookings, please contact

Interactive tours of the Museo Picasso Málaga Collection 
As from second stage of Primary level. 
In a participatory visit to the rooms that house the permanent collection, pupils will be able to look at and discuss Picasso’s work, the history of art and any other issues connected with their own interests. A member of the educational staff will provide the link between the artworks and the participants, grouping together pupils’ different opinions and thoughts. A look at the museum’s permanent collection to discover Picasso’s works and talk about issues relating to modern art.

Bilingual participatory tours 
For second and third stage of Primary, and Secondary and Bachillerato levels.
A conversation about art in the museum can be a unique chance to practice the foreign language pupils are studying at school, be it English, French, German, Dutch or Italian. This activity costs 75€. 

Languages: English, French, German and Italian.
Monday to Friday at 10.00am 11.00am, 12.00am and 1.00pm.

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