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Based on the exhibition “Picasso's South”

Chalcography Workshop

A Fifteenth Anniversary event

Workshop for adults
15 and 16 Nov. 2018

Chalcography, also known as chalcographic engraving or copper plate engraving, is a printing technique in which images are produced by using a printing press to make a print from a metal plate onto which grooves have been incised. These hold the ink that will be imprinted on the paper. Originally, the technique only referred to engravings on copper, but it gradually extended to engravings on all metals. The rooms of the temporary exhibition Picasso’s South. Andalusian References, where we can see works by Picasso and Goya, will serve as the starting point for this course, in which we will explore various chalcographic engraving techniques.

This workshop is aimed at adults and comprises two sessions (5-7.30pm) that alternate work in the temporary exhibition rooms with hands-on practice in the workshop.

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This activity is part of the Museo Picasso Málaga’s 15th Anniversary celebrations.


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