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Will Gompertz


Wednesday,11 Mar. 2020
MPM Auditorium | 7pm

We inform you that, due to reasons beyond the control of the Picasso Museum Málaga, the conference by Will Gompertz that was going to be held in the auditorium on Wednesday 11th March at 19 h.—corresponding to the cultural activities in the framework of the exhibition Genealogies of Art— has been cancelled. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Just like a tube map, “in the blink of an eye”, Will Gompertz presents his own idea of the modern art world, from Impressionism to the art of today, providing us with the keys to answering some of the questions we ask ourselves when standing in front of an artwork in a museum. Why did the Tate buy 120 bricks for £2,000 in 1972? (Equivalent VIII, a sculpture by minimalist artist Carl André). How have we gone from the Mona Lisa to Hirst’s pickled sharks and Koons’ Puppy?

In Gompertz’s own words, “each movement, each ‘ism’, is intricately connected, one leading to another like link in a chain”. They all have their own individual approaches, distinct styles and methods of making art, which are the culmination of a wide variety of influences: artistic, political, social and technological.” In the context of the exhibition Genealogies of art, or the history of art as visual art, Museo Picasso Málaga has invited Will Gompertz here to discover his vision of the evolution of modern art and compare it to that of Alfred Barr, in his diagram for the 1936 Cubism and Abstract Art exhibition.

Will Gompertz is considered a world authority on modern and contemporary art. Over the past ten years he has interviewed innumerable artists, actors, writers, musicians and directors, as well as writing and presenting documentaries for major media such as the BBC, Faber & Faber, Thames & Hudson, Vanity Fair, The Times and The Guardian. He has also written two international bestsellers: What Are You Looking At? 150 Years of Modern Art in the Blink of an Eye (2012) and Think Like an Artist (2015), both of which have been translated into over 20 languages.

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