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Seminars at the Picasso

What is the grotesque
in art?


MPM Auditorium

After the opening of the exhibition The Grotesque Factor the seminar What is the Grotesque in Art?examined the diverse range of this aesthetic category in four separate sessions that were hold
in the MPM Auditorium.

The Plurality of the Category of the Grotesque
Inmaculada Abolafio, coordinator of The Grotesque Factor exhibition. Museo Picasso Málaga
Luis Puelles, lecturer in Aesthetics and Arts Theory. Universidad de Málaga.
Xavier Tricot, author and painter, author of James Ensor’s catalogue raisoné.

Satire and Social Criticism
Valeriano Bozal, professor of Art History, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Frances Connelly, professor of Art History. University of Missouri.

Caricature as a Strategy
Prof. Dr. Werner Hofmann, professor and director emeritus of Hamburger Kunsthalle.

The Origins of Cinema and the Grotesque
Antonio Meliveo, musician, film director and producer.
Antonio Soler, author.

For a certificate of attendance, registration and attendance were compulsory. For the general public, entry is without prior reservation and is free, while space allows.

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