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8th Seminar on Art and Social Inclusion

Migrations, culture and inclusion

Tuesday 11 Dic. 2018

The Museo Picasso Málaga is devoting a whole day to discussion and thoughts on the role of museums in the current context of globalization, migration and multiculturality, and the connection to education and art.

The aim of these sessions is to discuss the response that is provided in the context of social vulnerability resulting from migration, and to examine the challenges and opportunities that have arisen due to globalization, mobility and migration processes. The referent will be the principal recommendations of the European project MeLa. European Museums in an age of migrations, which conducts research into the role of museums in 21st-century Europe. 



10.30am to 1.00pm. Working Groups: Migrations, culture and inclusion
During this first meeting three working groups will be held, each coordinated by experts on education, museums and anthropology: María Acaso, Patricia Mata and Francisco Javier García Castaño.


4.30pm to 5pm. Migrations and identities
Francisco Javier García Castaño, Professor of Social Anthropology at Universidad de Granada, will analyse migratory processes from an anthropological point of view, as processes for transmitting and acquiring culture in cultural diversity contexts.

5pm to 5.30pm. Culture, vulnerability and education
Patricia Mata, Professor of Education at Universidad de Educación a Distancia, will look at interculturality in formal and non-formal educational contexts and also the importance of relations between these two areas of learning in social inclusion processes.

5.30pm to 6.00pm. Museums and the intercultural dimension of art
María Acaso, Professor of Art Education at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, will examine the role of art as an agent that favours the social inclusion of cultural minority communities. She will also look at the value of museums, art, and education in these processes.

6.00pm to 7.00pm. Working Group conclusions and discussion.

Target group: Professions in the museum and culture sector, cultural and social managers, experts on development cooperation, social agents and professional educators.

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