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Seminar on Joaquín Torres-García

'Hybrid Abstractions'

Speakers: Luis Puelles and Gabriel Peluffo

13-16 Dec. 2016 | Educational Room

In Spanish.

In the artistic career of Joaquín Torres-García, the emphasis can be placed on two fundamental periods: 1923-1933, when Torres-Garcia took park in the European Avant-garde movements, and 1935-1943, when he returned to Montevideo to work intensively on his own personal interpretation of abstract art, and announced the materialization of a universal art.

The exhibition Museo Picasso Málaga devoted to the artist was therefore a great opportunity to examine how some of these Avant-garde proposals influenced both European and US 20th-century art, as well as the art prodouced in Latin America after Torres-García returned to Montevideo.
This was the purpose of the four-day seminar MPM organized, and which was opened by Luis Puelles, with the aim of examining the abstract/figurative art binomial, and, in particular, the “middle area” located between the two categories in which most of the major artistic achievements of the 20th century lie. Architect and researcher Gabriel Peluffo went on to look at the influence of Torres-García’s work and teaching in the Latin American art world, highlighting the convergences and divergences with the artist’s work.

This seminar had the following programme:

Tuesday 13 and wednesday 14 Dec. 2016. 4pm-7pm
European Avant-garde movements
Luis Puelles. Professor of Aesthetics and Art Theory at Universidad de Málaga. (UMA).

Thursday 15 and friday 16 Dec. 2016. 4pm-7pm
Latin-American Avant-garde movements
Gabriel Peluffo. Architect and researcher. 

These sessions will be held in the MPM Educational Room, which is entered from Plaza de la Higuera. Registration is free and required. FULLY BOOKED.


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