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'The Other Museum' activity for 'Miquel Barceló. Metamorphosis'

Saturday 19 Jun. 2021 | The other Museum,12pm

Barceló transcribes his close relationship with the sea through his works. The Other Museum will be hosting a screening of «Sea Art. Miquel Barceló», which dives into the private universe of an artist with two constants in his life: his art and the sea. 

In the silence of the deep, Miquel Barceló pays a powerful tribute to nature, shows his love for the sea and its creatures, and talks about his early activism and his various battles against urbanisation on his home island of Mallorca. He also looks at the issue of overfishing and the massacre of marine animals that are becoming extinct. 

“Sea Art Miquel Barceló” is one episode of a documentary series on oceans, the sea and art. The documentary will be screened in French with English subtitles.

With the support of the Almine y Bernard Picasso para el Arte Foundation.

Director: Maud Baignères
Production: Marion Semblat
Director of Photography: Balthazar Morvan
Editing: Chloé Nicolas
Music: Mathieu Blanc-Francard and Pascal Armand
Duration: 22mn

Free tickets, here.

The Other Museum is an innovative project by Museo Picasso Málaga that involves art practice and reasoning. A space that is usually used for exhibitions has been transformed into a comfortable and safe multipurpose area.

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