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Activities for adults

Museo Picasso Málaga offers during these days conferences, seminars, interviews, poetry recitals and concerts that have been part of the recent life of our museum.

The objective is to continue with the informative work that characterizes the museum, offering artistic content of interest to all audiences.

Below is a selection of these resources from recent years, which can be found on our website, on our Youtube channel and on our Soundcloud channel.

pablo picasso

The Collection, step by step

A selection of the MPM Collection works.

Pablo Picasso 1881-1973

Biography of the Malaga artist to whom the Museo Picasso Málaga is dedicated.

Roberto Otero Photographic Archive

Pablo Picasso by the Argentine photographer.


With a selection of the exhibition's works

Download here a brief bilingual guide of the exhibition

See an excerpt of the exhibition's publication

Sound Track
Travel through the jazz of the 30s on our Spotify channel


Memory of all our exhibitions

Calder-Picasso AudioGuide

Calder-Picasso: an account of encounters

Bruce Nauman. Rooms, bodies, words AudioGuide

Olga Picasso AudioGuide

From Russia to France. A journey through the life of Olga Picasso

Warhol. Mechanical Art AudioGuide

Andy Warhol (1928-1987)

And Fellini dreamed of Picasso Soundtrack 

Unique and extraordinary: biographies of Women Artists and Surrealism

Bacon, Freud and the School of London AudioGuide

Ten lives, a city: biographies of artists at Bacon, Freud and the School of London

Joaquín Torres-García (1874-1949)

Museo Picasso Málaga hosts Jackson Pollock's Mural


4th International Picasso Congress. Picasso and History

New interpretations of Pablo Picasso's work based on an investigation of the historical context and the repercussions of Picasso's work in that context

Calder-Picasso Lectures

María López and Matthieu Poirier delve into specific aspects of the works of these creators

European Museums, Mutations and Migrations

Professionals and academics share their points of view regarding museum programming, the diversity of audiences and the insertion of the museum in sociocultural territory.

Más Museo Picasso Interviews 

Within the art and social inclusion program, experts talk about museums, accessibility, the role of women, vulnerability, diversity, exclusion, minorities and socio-cultural majorities, migration or the role of education. in cultural and museum institutions.

And Fellini dreamed of Picasso Colloquium 

Gérald Morin, assistant director of Federico Fellini; Juan Antonio Vigar, director of the Malaga Festival Cinema; Audrey Norcia, curator of the exhibtion; and José Lebrero Stals, artistic director of the Museo Picasso Málaga, talk about these two giants of the 20th century and themes common to both figures such as sexuality, the exaltation of life or classical antiquity, moderated by the journalist Domi del Postigo.

Women artists and surrealism Lectures

The defense of freedom and creation or the new image of women as creators, different from the role of muse or model, are some of the topics discussed by professors José Jiménez and Monique Sebbag.

The London School Seminar

Catherine Lampert, art historian, and Elena Crippa, curator of this exhibition and curator of the Department of British Modern Art at Tate, London, participate in these conferences around the authors present in the exhibition. After the conferences, round tables were held around the predominant trends in artistic creation in the second half of the 20th century in Spain.

Torres-García and "Cercle et Carré"

Juan Manuel Bonet delves into the effervescent artistic context of the French capital in the first half of the 20th century.


See an excerpt of these exhibition's publications:

Genealogies of Art, or the History of Art as Visual Art


Por favor, preste atención, por favor: palabras de Bruce Nauman (in Spanish)

Bruce Nauman. Estancias, cuerpos, palabras (in Spanish)

Picasso's South

Andy Warhol. Mechanical Art

Joaquín Torres-García. Un moderno en la Arcadia (in Spanish)

Jackson Pollocks's Mural. Energy Made Visible


More publications here

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Concert of the Swing Machine Orchestra at the opening of the Genealogies of Art exhibition

XII Cycle of Chamber Music. Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra (2018-2019)

XIII Chamber Music Cycle. Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra (2019-2020)

Piano concert Tribute to Olga Khokhlova by Dúo Moreno Gistáin

Room with my soul outside, a contemporary dance choreography by Luz Arcas for the Bruce Nauman. Rooms, bodies, words exhibition


Poetry at the Picasso

A selection of audios of the recitals offered by top-level poets and writers such as Ben Clark, Juan Cobos Wilkins, Martirio, Silvia Grijalba or Raquel Lanseros, between others.


Inspiración Picasso. From David Bowie to Mayte Martín, from Jay Z to Enrique Morente, the strength of the figure of Picasso also reaches the music. Here are some great and memorable examples.

Genealogies of Art, or the history of art as visual artTravel through the jazz of the 30s on our Spotify channel.

Warhol. Mechanical ArtA music playlist inspired by Warhol's cover art, from The Velvet Underground to The Rolling Stones.

And Fellini dreamed about Picasso. The unforgettable melodies by Nino Rota which put music to the films of Fellini.

Dennis Hopper. On the road. James Brown, The Byrds and Ike & Tina Turner in this playlist created in Spotify.

A music selection with the participants of Flamenco EÑE, the Flamenco Exhibition for International Programmers organized by Fundación SGAE and celebrated at MPM Auditorium.

Flamenco Eñe 2019

Flamenco Eñe 2018

Flamenco Eñe 2017


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