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Lectures on the exhibition

Women Artists and Surrealism

Speakers: José Jiménez and Monique Sebbag

Tuesday 10 Oct. 2017
MPM Auditorium | 7pm

The defence of freedom and the creation of a new notion of women as creative artists, distinct from their role as muses or models. These are among the themes that were discussed during two talks, given by professors José Jiménez and Monique Sebbag, to coincide with the opening of the exhibition We are Completely Free. Women Artists and Surrealism.

El cristal de la libertad (Through the glass window of freedom) is the title of the talk by exhibition curator José Jiménez, professor of aesthetics and art theory at the Universidad Autónoma, Madrid. He looked at how, in the context of surrealism, a group of women artists managed to convey a fresh vision of the idea of human freedom.

He was followed by Monique Sebbag *, professor of philosophy, who read her paper ¿Mujeres surrealistas o supermujeres? (Surrealist women or super-women?), in which she analyses the personal lives and professional careers of the artists in the exhibition. 

Both of these talks were aimed at professionals in the arts sector, and at students of art history, design, architecture, philosophy and literature, and fine arts.

MPM Auditorium. 172 seats.


*Lecture in French. The MPM Auditorium is located in the Plaza de la Higuera, which is accessed by Calle Alcazabilla. See map

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