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Flamenco at the Picasso


Friday 15 Dec. 2017
MPM Auditorium | 9pm

Music, song, and dance will pay tribute to the women who left a mark on the history of flamenco in Málaga. With an all-female cast, the cante of Mamen Ruiz and Aroa Soto; the danceing of Isabel Soto, Trini Ruiz and Elena Molina; the guitar of Antonia Jiménez and Lola Yang, and the violin of Ana Sevilla, will display their art and duende in a programme directed by Patricia Gea and Javier Gómez, based on a creative idea by Francisco Roji.

Libres y flamencas (Free and Flamenca) is one of the activities organized to coincide with the exhibition We Are Completley Free. Women Artists and Surrealism.

Tickets can be purchased at the museum ticket office and here

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