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First Festival of Philosophy

Populism: Wield or Apocalypse

16 Nov. 2017
MPM Auditorium | 7.30pm

Lecture in Spanish.

MPM Auditorium will host the inauguration and the first meeting of the First Festival of Philosophy, organized La Térmica and Fundación Santillana, that will take place on the 16th, 17th and 18th of November at different places of the city. 


Elías Bendodo, President of Diputación de Málaga.
Ignacio Polanco, President of Fundación Santillana.
Introduce Basilio Baltasar, Director of Fundación Santillana Cultura.

Origin and decadence of politics: the new confrontation

Manuel Arias Maldonado, Professor of Political Science at Málaga University.
José Luis Villacañas Berlanga, Professor of the History of Philosophy at Complutense University, Madrid.
Moderator: Teodoro León Gross, journalist and Communication Professor at Málaga University.

MPM Auditorium. The entrance free until completing capacity (172 seats).

The MPM Auditorium is located in the Plaza de la Higuera, which is accessed by Calle Alcazabilla. See map

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