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Second Philosophy Festival
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Bread and circuses:

Slaveries Exploiting needs

Thursday 24 Jan. 2019
MPM Auditorium | 7pm

The Second Philosophy Festival, organized by La Térmica, will be held at different venues around Málaga during the month of January 2019. Over twenty thinkers, philosophers, writers and cultural critics are among the guest speakers who will be discussing new forms of slavery.

With the title Bread and Circuses: 21st-century Slaveries, this second edition of the festival looks at the exploitation of needs, the digital world, human trafficking, and the humanization of robots vs. the robotization of humans.


Lecture: In the cavern of the slaves: the collapse of democracy
Luca M. Scarantino, Professor of Theoretical Philosophy and President of the International Federation of Philosophical Societies (FISP).
MPM Auditorium, 7pm

Round Table: The exploitation of needs
- Manuel Cruz Rodríguez, Professor of Contemporary Philosophy at the Universidad de Barcelona.
- María José Guerra, lecturer in Moral Philosophy of the Faculty of Humanities at the Universidad de La Laguna, and Chair of the Red Española de Filosofía.
- María José Frápolli Sanz, Professor at the Department of Philosophy I, UNiversidad de Granada.

Moderator: Juan Antonio Valor, Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy at the Complutense University of Madrid, Professor of the Department of Logic and Theoretical Philosophy-
MPM Auditorium, 8pm

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