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On the occasion
of 'Picasso. German records'

El Puente de los Alemanes

Documentary Screening

MPM Auditorium

In 2009, the Puente de los Alemanes (the Bridge of the Germans) celebrated its 100th birthday. The iron structure was a gift from the German government to mitigate the damage from the flood that Malaga suffered in 1907. It was a token of appreciation to Malagueños for the generosity they showed when, on 16th December 1900, the Imperial German Navy training frigate, Gneisenau, sank near Málaga’s port. The city mobilized to aid victims, civilians risked their lives to save the German sailors and received them into their homes.

One of these Malagueños was the great-grandfather of Jaime Noguera, author of the documentary that will be projected in the MPM Auditorium next 16th December, 2015, coinciding with the 115th anniversary of the sinking of the frigate. This was one of the activities related to the exhibition Picasso. German Records. The film is the result of extensive research in both Spanish and German archives and it brings the public closer to this incident that caused great commotion at the time and whose impact can still be traced in Malaga today.

The screening was introduced by the own Jaime Noguera.

Free entry until completed seating.


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