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Aurora Luque

A Fifteenth Anniversary event

Saturday 26 Jan. 2019 | 5pm

Experts on diverse disciplines will offer their views on themes covered in the exhibition Picasso’s South. Andalusian References.

Aurora Luque is a Spanish poet, translator and researcher. She has translated poems from the Ancient Greek in "Los dados de Eros. Poesía erótica griega" and "Aquel vivir del mar. El mar en la poesía griega" (Acantilado 2015), as well as works by Sappho and Catullus. Among her books for leading publishers are: "Carpe noctem", "Transitoria", "La siesta de Epicuro" and "Camaradas de Ícaro". From 2008 to 2011, Aurora Luque was the director of the Centro Generación del 27. She has also researched forgotten female writers such as the Enlightenment playwright María Rosa de Gálvez, and author and diplomat Isabel Oyarzábal. She was runner-up in the 1989 Adonais prize for poetry, and won the Premio Andalucía in 1999 and the 10th edition of the Generación del 27 poetry prize in 2007. That same year she was also awarded the Andalusian Institute for Women’s Meridiana award for her role in rediscovering forgotten female writers. Her most recent book of poems, "Personal y político", was published in 2015. 

For tickets, register at the museum ticket office one hour before the event.

This activity is part of the Museo Picasso Málaga’s 15th Anniversary celebrations.

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