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Picasso. Andalusian References

9 Oct. 2018 3 Feb. 2019

This exhibition makes references to subjects that are part of Pablo Picasso’s iconography, such as the rituals of bullfighting, still-life and vanitas paintings, motherhood, the study of the Baroque masters, and an awareness of Mediterranean mythology which illustrate his clear understanding and sophisticated knowledge of Spanish artistic tradition.

Archaeological artefacts and paintings by great masters will serve to help analyse the themes that the artist explored at different points in his career. They were the product of his emotive and intellectual links and are essential in order to better understand his origins and the way he particularly identified with Andalusia and the land where he grew up.

Picasso. Andalusian References is one of the exhibitions in the international ‘Picasso Méditerranée’ project, led by the Musée national Picasso, Paris.

Organized in collaboration with Council of Culture of the Regional Government of Andalusia.