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Bruce Nauman

30 Jun. 2019 31 Aug. 2019

Bruce Nauman (1941) is an American multimedia artist who has been active since the 1960s. His innovative contributions to art are based on his way of understanding art to be more of activity or process than the production of objects. He frequently reflects upon on the human body, and his works highlight the relationships that are established between objects, the space around them and the observer. They contain references to music, dance, literature, and philosophy and generate in the viewer the kind of responses that are associated with provocation, conflict, tension, disorientation, and anxiety. His irony is clear from his wordplay and from the relationships established between the viewer, space, and the artwork. The exhibition will encompass the wide range of techniques Nauman employs, such as video, sculpture, installation, neon lighting, architectural structures, photography, and drawing.