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Warhol. Mechanical Art

31 May. 2018 16 Sep. 2018

The exhibition Warhol. Mechanical Art examines the complex oeuvre of the artist from Pittsburgh, (1928-1987), highlighting the transmutations his body of work underwent during the consecutive creative phases of his career. In Warhol’s case, the uniquely personal gestures that have always served as the hallmark of an artist’s work by hand soon became mechanized, producing projected images thanks to his systematic and obsessive use of sound- and image-capturing and recording devices and techniques, such as the camera, tape-recorder or silkscreen printing.

Curated by José Lebrero Stals, Artistic Director of Museo Picasso Málaga, the show highlights aspects such as the innovative way Warhol applied the notion of processing to his work, the strong ties between his biography and his artistic output and, of course, his originality and talent for transversally combining different techniques. It also includes the most emblematic and universal icons of the world that Warhol created: the Campbell’s soup can, portraits of Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy and Liz Taylor, and experimental films such as Screen Tests, his legendary multimedia installation, conceived with The Velvet Underground. The exhibition contains paintings, sculptures, drawings, silkscreen works, installations, artist’s books, films, record covers, posters, magazines, objects and photographic material, illustrating the fascinating world of sophisticated universal images that was created by Andy Warhol, the greatest star of international Pop Art.

After being shown at CaixaForum Barcelona (14 Sep. - 31 Dec. 2017) and CaixaForum Madrid (31 Jan. - 6 May 2018), the exhibition can be seen at Museo Picasso Malaga from 31 May 2018.

Exhibition organised by Museo Picasso Málaga and Obra Social ”la Caixa”.