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Staff directory

Museo Picasso Málaga
C/San Agustín, 8
29015 Málaga
Tlf: (34) 952 12 76 00

Artistic Director: 
José Lebrero Stals
Executive Secretary: Begoña Mendoza

Financial Manager: 
Guillermo Peiró Posadas
Secretary: Mª Ángeles Patón

Head of Education Department: 
María José Valverde

Head of Press and PR Department: 
Pepa Babot

Head of Shop and Bookstore Department: 
Ana Sancho Atalaya

Head of Human Resources Department: 
Raquel Merino Marbán

Head of Installations Department: 
Sergio Cabrera Martínez

IT Manager:

Head of Security Department: 
Joaquín Peralta


Cultural activities:

Group bookings:

Promotion and venue management​:


Ana María Marrero Castro


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